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10 Best Foods You Must Eat During in Travel Europe

With so many countries packed together with an excellent transportation network, travel in Europe has to be one of the easiest things. Apart from the fantastic architecture and history, Europe welcomes you with a stunning range of food. This continent offers a whole bucket list of foods that are worth a shot.

If this is your first visit, you might wonder about the European foods you should try. Well, here’s a list of the 10 best foods in Europe that you cannot miss out on.

However, ensure that you always follow the various Covid-19 guidelines at all the different locations you visit in Europe.

Pierogi in Poland

10 best foods in Europe

Although Poland is a beautiful place and has a lot to offer to your travel in Europe, eating pierogi here should be a top priority. Little dumplings filled with whatever you can imagine, from potatoes, cheese and meat, you can get all you want.

Most commonly served with sour cream, fried onion or pork, pierogi is a significant tourist attraction in Poland. Moreover, if you’re a person with a sweet tooth, you can still have a pierogi for the sugar craving. Dessert pierogi is very popular, and it comes filled with fruits and sweet cheese.

Kanelbullar in Sweden

European foods

Get ready to forget the cinnamon buns you’ve ever had because kanelbullar in Sweden is about to give them a tough competition. Kanelbullar translates to cinnamon bread, but better than anything you’ve had before. All that you can do with your cinnamon bun, Sweden does it better.

Kanelbullars are the chewier, softer and more buttery versions of cinnabuns. These sweet knots of yumminess are best enjoyed fresh, hot out of the oven. You’re likely to smell a Swedish bakery down the street from blocks away.

Chicken paprikash in Hungary

Slowly stewed chicken in a rich and creamy paprika sauce, and a dash of sour cream at the end tastes like nothing short of heaven. This Hungarian dish is often served with a side of nokedli, a form of pasta-dumpling hybrid.

Mekitsi in Bulgaria

breakfast food in Europe.

This resembles a flat doughnut. The disc consists of deep-fried dough and is served alongside fruits, yoghurt and powdered sugar. Mekitsi is a portion of prevalent breakfast food in Europe.

Lakror in Albania

This dish might seem to be somewhere in between Turkey’s borek and spanakopita from Greece. The lakror in Albania is made of buttery, flaky puff pastry stuffed with a mixture of spinach, leek, egg and yoghurt.

It is one of the ancient meals in Europe which kids associate with their grandmothers. However, Lakror also makes up for a prevalent European food, especially in the mountain city of Korçë. You can also find this dish throughout the country at local bakeries.

Bryndza in Slovakia

 travel in Europe

Apart from tourism, one of the major industries in the northern mountainous regions of Slovakia is sheep. One of the commonly used items in Slovakian dishes and something that ties them together is bryndza. This is a form of sheep cheese and is one of the main components of most Slovakian meals.

Bryndza is also eaten alongside egg and toast or just by the spoonful. You cannot miss out on Slovakia’s national dish, which is their version of cheesy gnocchi-Bryndzové halušky.

Moussaka in Greece

This mushy looking, messy and oozy dish might not look the best, but the taste is entirely on a different level. Moussaka is made of layers of ground lamb filled between slices of eggplant.

Currywurst in Germany

German sausages have a reputation worldwide, but currywurst has beaten even the sausages in the race. This is one of the best foods in Europe, mostly enjoyed with alcohol on a drinking night out with friends.

Currywurst includes chopped up sausages mixed with curry powder and served with a side of fries and ketchup. Although the combination might not sound great, the flavours and the textures of this dish somehow work together to give your taste buds a joyful explosion.

Waffles in Belgium

There is a waffle for every occasion, whether it is a busy interview day, a celebration or just one of those days that doesn’t feel right. A warm, sweet, crispy treat can make your day. Although touristy places serve waffles with a side of whipped cream and syrup, the best is to have waffles with just a hint of icing sugar.

Raclette in Switzerland


If you’re a cheese lover, you’ve come to the right place as raclette is named after Swiss cheese. It is either melted on the girdle or off the rind and served with potatoes or bread. Usually, raclette is topped off with fried onions or pickles and eaten as street food on the go.

Unfortunately, the variety of cuisines has to offer cannot be covered in an article or a trip. You will have to follow your instincts to find what you love on this continent.

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