10 Best Places In Europe To Travel For Outdoor Adventure

Europe is a constant in many bucket lists around the globe. It offers a variety of activities to quench the adrenaline rush while simultaneously satisfying the soul with its mesmerizing landscapes and enriched culture. 

Home to 44 nations, Europe comes across as one of the most diverse and inclusive continents in the world. There is so much to do that one lifetime simply can’t suffice.

Apart from its alluring beauty and uncommon aesthetics, Europe also houses a large number of outdoor sports and adventures. From skiing and paragliding to underwater diving and snorkeling, Europe has it all.

Especially in the time of Coronavirus, when indoor spaces and activities are discouraged, time away from people and close to nature seems like a good idea. 

Here is a list of the 10 best places Europe for outdoor adventures:

1.  Switzerland


There is a reason why Switzerland is one of the happiest countries in the world. It may be famous for multiple things, but the legendary Alps are still the center of attention. You can find many Swiss ski resorts that cater to the needs of every adrenaline junkie while offering you the view of a lifetime in the peaks of Mount Matterhorn or St. Moritz. There are multiple skiing routes suitable for both beginners and experts, making Switzerland one of the best winter sports destinations in the world.

While we wait for the snow, the Jungfrau region offers a perfect hiking trail for the spring season, exhibiting rich flora and fauna, lakes, and canopies set against stunning snow-capped peaks.

White water rafting also is a huge attraction during springtime with the Lütschine river easily being the most popular choice. The rapid flow extensively gives you a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Now, if we miss out on paragliding from our list, it won’t be fair, as what’s better than God’s view for gazing at one of the most beautiful countries in Europe? Take to the skies to encounter the hidden nooks and corners of remote villages and meadows in the Alpine range.

Switzerland is packed with all kinds of adventures ranging from skiing, jet boating, mountain biking, hiking, rafting, camping, and whatnot!

2.  Iceland


In recent years, Iceland has gained a reputation of its own as one of the best places to visit in Europe, and rightly so! It offers solitude and beauty in the form of majestic Northern lights, waterfalls, exquisite valleys, thrilling glaciers, and geothermal springs. One can witness lava caves and tour inside an actual volcano with its walls tinted in purple, red, yellow hues.

Now, to take your mind off of hot boiling lava, Iceland also has a fantastic scuba diving landscape due to its one-of-a-kind geography. Iceland stands on a rift between the European and North American tectonic plates, allowing you to actually swim between continental plates! How exciting is that!

One of the unique attractions in Iceland is its hike to Hell. Yes, you heard it right. Due to a massive volcanic explosion in the 18th century, there is a huge crater filled with turquoise blue water, referred to by the locals as “Viti,” which translates to Hell. You seriously can’t miss that!

3. Germany


Germany is known for its Great Outdoors. Here, camping takes on an extreme turn when you can literally sleep in a hanging tent suspended from a giant tree branch.

The Black Forest region is packed with various outdoor adventures, ranging from hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, skiing, sailing, surfing, and more. You can find training schools as well that guide you through the process, making you well-equipped to take on an adventure of a lifetime.

For some more jungle adventure, one can take up the famous ‘Tanzan jump,’ a 185-meter long slide rushing through the lush greens of Taunus mountain. Lastly, transport yourself through log rafts in the waters of the Isar river to experience the true nature of beautiful Bavaria.

4.  Scotland


Who here hasn’t dreamt about getting behind the wheels of Ferrari or Aston Martin? Well, Scotland makes your dream come true. It offers you the thrilling experience of motor racing, which marks the identity of unique adrenaline sports offered by Scotland.

Corresponding to that, land yachting is another eccentric sport exclusive to Scotland. It merges the art of sailing and the thrills of racing to offer you the best of both worlds.

We can’t discuss Scotland without bringing up canyoning. It provides a combination of rock climbing, cliff jumping, abseiling, and swimming, guaranteeing you a memory to last a lifetime.

5. Italy

5. Italy

Dolomites mountains of Italy are well-known for making a busy itinerary full of adventure activities like hiking, camping, mountain biking, and skiing. This particular range is known for its rocky and challenging paths which reward you with one of the most scenic routes in Europe.

If you fancy yourself as a wanderer, the caves of Le Marche are a must-visit. Get inside the deepest parts of the ground and explore the great region of

Grotte di Frasassi. If in Italy, do not miss out on sea kayaking and snorkeling in the gorgeous Elba island or Sicily island to visit the home of many exquisite sea creatures and fishes.

6. Georgia


Hiking and camping run in the veins of Georgia. You can’t go wrong with a hike on Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island or camping on Cumberland Island. Away from the city noise, experience nature at its best in one of the cheapest countries in Europe.

You can even climb 600 stairs to the top of the Amicalola falls, witnessing the most impeccable view. While we are talking about views, Svaneti is not a place to miss. The fresh air and the serene trek transports you to a state of nirvana. The route from Latali to Mt. Mkher gives you a panoramic view of the highest peaks of Georgia. These remote trails of Georgia are covered with woodlands and alpine trees with minimal human contact.

7. Ireland


This tiny island in Europe hosts several adventure activities all around the year. One can take up kite surfing on Duncannon Beach after the mandatory 1.5 hours training, making it suitable for everyone. They also have power kiting, where you are pulled through the sand on a mountain board by a kite. How can one say no to that!

Christmas day dip in Dublin is one of the most famous traditions of Ireland. If you happen to be there around December, you simply have to do it for Santa! River tubing is one of the lesser-known activities of Ireland but is actually quite fun. Head down to River Inny and enjoy the water banters.

8.  Spain


Spain allows creating timeless memories with its large number of outdoor adventures. Here you get a chance to skateboard in the beautiful city of Barcelona, cruising around Antoni Gaudi monuments. The city is a hub for urban sports enriched with culture and history. It also boasts of open-air skate parks and skate routes.

The region of Costa del Sol is known for canyoning, where you can even try natural rock sliding and mountaineering in the highest cliff sides and corners. Ibiza is another popular attraction of Spain with its legendary nightlife. What people don’t know is that the underwater world of Ibiza is the one to explore. Go diving in the divine waters for an unforgettable experience. Hiking and jet boating are also popular in Spain.

9.  France


France has a lot to offer other than cheese and wine. Take out your cowboy boots and go horse riding in the lavender fields of Provence. You can ride through a few tough terrains and some majestic beaches, reaping a thorough countryside experience.

Once you are done with that, enjoy the waves of Brittany’s ocean at La Torche and surf your way in the turquoise blue waters of France. Millevaches National Park is another French spot that allows you to do Gorge climbing and get rough in the waterfalls rather than simply watching it from afar.

The Ubaye valley region in the Alpes de Haute- Provence is a Mecca for all the adventurous souls as it has the most diverse landscape including a mountain range of 3000m, a prominent river, lakes, and forests covering a large part of the area. The geography of the place is such that on the southern part, the slopes are rocky, grainy, and dry while on the northern part, you will experience a more humid and green environment. Easy on the pocket, Ubaye valley is turning out to be the new ‘it’ place for all the travelers planning a trip to France.

10. Lapland

Divided between Finland and Sweden, Lapland provides you with the best view of the Northern Lights. One can try snowmobiling across forests covered in pine trees, experience wildlife, or simply walk in the green sky at night.


During summers, mountain biking and swimming are two popular activities amongst locals and tourists in Lapland. It’s a call to all daredevils and thrill-seekers out there not to miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime experiences waiting to be found in Europe.


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