Mouthwatering European Destinations for Foodie

6 Mouthwatering European Destinations for Foodies in 2021

European Destinations For Foodies

Planning a trip to Europe can be confusing, with the increased number of museums, art, architecture, and cuisine involved with the places. Even if you do narrow down your preferences to one of the above-mentioned, you will most likely still find yourself in a crisis.

Foodwise, Europe puts out an exceptional spread, varying with locality and the ingredient sources. As a foodie, visiting Europe could be one of the best things that you will ever experience. Here are a few spots that you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit Europe.

Girona, Spain

Spanish cuisine is one of the most underrated cuisines in the world, and it is not commonly seen in such lists. However, the freshly prepared food at the restaurants, particularly in this town, will forever change your outlook on Spanish food.

The restaurants prepare their meals from freshly sourced ingredients following authentic recipes, making sure you get to indulge in the best possible experience while providing a homely and cozy ambiance, giving you the feeling of home irrespective of where you are from.

Naples, Italy

If you love pizza, Naples is a place that you should visit at least once in your life. It is literally called the land of pizza, and it is absolutely fair to call it so. The pizza served in Naples just hits different and will put the usual pizza that you order at home to absolute shame.

Other than the gold standard pizza, the pasta bakes and seafood available in Naples are to die for. They also have surprisingly good pastry outlets and make great coffee as well. Many food enthusiasts like to say that it is the ingredients sourced in the place that makes their food so good.

Paris, France

One might think that Paris is overrated because almost everyone is talking about it. However, that is not the case. Paris is actually worth all the hype that you see, provided they serve the best varieties in almost the whole country. Paris has places that can satisfy any of your cravings, starting from highly sophisticated fine dining with Michelin stars and whatnot to awesome steamed cream puffs right on the street.

Paris is one of the very few destinations in the world to cater to all strata with no disparity and still provide a great experience with every single food product that they serve. Hence, this is an inevitable destination to save the dates for on your food trip.

South Aegean, Greece

This region is mostly a cluster of islands, which are known for the goat cheese they produce and their seafood. Apart from their catches and livestock, the soil in this place itself proves to be special, which is clearly understood from the distinctly great agricultural produce they yield.

This will be understood once you get to experience the flavors you get from a freshly picked fruit from the orchard or taste their unique salad dressed with herring roe and sesame paste.

Krakow, Poland

Unlike all the other European cuisines that are concerned about using freshly sourced ingredients and stress about freshly prepared meals, Polish cuisine is specifically known for its pickles and pastes.

The town of Krakow is known for its specialty dumplings that you can never get enough of. Polish cuisine in itself is known for its seemingly comfortable and homely feel, with the portions being bigger and more full.

So, if you are someone that enjoys homely and heartwarming soul food, Krakow and its dumplings are something that you will absolutely love.

Berlin, Germany

The food aspect of this city usually gets masked by its architectural and historical significance. However, this is something that is massively underrated because the street food available in Berlin is exceptionally tasty and is unique to the area as well.

Their signature ‘currywurst’ is something that is not to be missed. It is just a simple snack that they serve in market stalls and carts on the street, but their taste is something so unique that it’ll blow your mind.

Street food apart, the Michelin star restaurants in Berlin do not disappoint. This city is home to several internationally renowned chefs.

In short, Europe is a destination that will absolutely fascinate the foodie in your heart. Explore and indulge in several experiences along the way, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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