Autumn Food Festival in Europe

Autumn Food and Drink Festivals in Europe

Most of us know European cuisine to be exquisite and sophisticated, markedly different from the usual cuisine that we are used to in our everyday life. Even from the top gourmet restaurants in specific locations all around the world, Europeans still trump all others.

Apart from being the table toppers with respect to fine dining, Europe also shows that it can cater to all food categories for all different palate preferences. Their food festivals are a major platform to exhibit their versatility.

Here are a few festivals held around Europe at different parts of the year that are worth saving the date for in your calendar.

Kookeet, Belgium

This festival is especially unique from your regular festivals. The stalls here are manned by well-trained chefs, even ones from Michelin Star hotels. These stalls serve sophisticated food, including Flemish white tripe, Zeebrugge shrimps, Belgian pancakes, etc., priced significantly lower than usual, allowing more people to try out gourmet dining at a lower cost.

Adleberg Food and Drink Festival, Suffolk

The Adleberg fest is unique in its own way. This festival focuses mainly on the local food made entirely from locally sourced ingredients by the local residents, allowing people from all over the world to experience the richness and comfort achieved from freshly prepared food.

Apart from the soothing food they provide, they also create an interesting setup with games and activities to satisfy the interests of people from all age groups, thereby organizing a full-on carnival.

Galway International Seafood and Oyster Festival, Ireland

This has been going on for so long that it’s actually difficult to track down. This festival is widely known by food enthusiasts all around the world, and every year over 25,000 people travel to this place, just for the rich and flavorful seafood specific to the area.

It is not just the way they cook their protein, but the seafood itself that is exceptionally delicious, explaining why it has got people traveling miles over miles just for food. They even hold oyster eating contests to keep the foodies satisfied.

The Llangollen Food Festival, Wales

This is yet another food fest focusing on making people aware of how home cooking and sourcing your own ingredients can be a life-changing realization. Along with food stalls, they set up a fair, where people set up stalls to explain how they make their own products like honey, jam, etc.

This can be a fun experience for someone that likes to know more about the food they eat and learn the processes involved behind the scenes.

Csabai Sausage Festival, Hungary

Sausages have become common food almost everywhere in the world by now. However, this festival is concerned with preaching the superiority of sausages and how their taste can be improved from how they are currently devoured.

The stalls provide sausages in different forms and settings, made from different ingredients and by different methods. This allows people to explore more into their preferences while having a fun time.

They even hold sausage kneading contests and eating contests, proving to be a meat lover’s paradise.

East Anglian Game and Country Fair, Norfolk

This is more than just a food fair, where farmers around the area bring in their livestock and hold games like clay pigeon shooting, sheep shearing, etc., which tend to be the main focus of this festival and draws people from different places just for the fun of it.

Food-wise, they serve freshly prepared food made from the products that they source from their own farms and livestock.

The Great British Food Festival, Yorkshire

The British, known for their baking and culinary skills, do not disappoint with their food festivals. This festival serves the most delicious food, irrespective of courses and price points, but the cakes and desserts remain the stars. The fair organizes artisan stalls, live counters, and even masterclasses by well-known chefs.

The British Festival also put up a showdown bake stage which is one of the major factors attracting baking enthusiasts from around the world to witness the festival.

In conclusion, Europe is one of the places that you shouldn’t miss if you are a foodie. It is the best destination to satisfy all your taste buds while giving you the experience of a lifetime.

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