6 Best Places in Europe for Family in Your Budget

Europe has always been one of those destinations that give off a great sophisticated vibe that makes you want to just stay there forever. What really stops us is the high cost that comes with the royal experience.

Surprisingly, it is only the mainstream tourist hotspots that are especially pricey. Europe being a beautiful country in itself, there are several smaller remote spots and small towns that can satisfy your need for a healing vacation while being easy on your wallet.

Here are a few locations you can consider next time you plan a family trip on a budget.

1.  Greece

The most popular vacation plan in Greece would be island hopping or something similar, but mostly along with the islands and not on the mainland. Greece also holds several interesting and fascinating destinations along its clustered peninsula.

There are many beaches and cliffs along this line. Though they might be less developed than the ones on the busy islands, uninhabited and non-commercialized beaches can be a better option. If you are someone that enjoys personal space and would like to have some quality family time without interruptions, this could be your perfect holiday.

2.  Budapest

If you are looking for a vacation to let off steam and put your legs up for a bit while enjoying delicious cuisine like you never have, Budapest is the way to go. The place in itself is very calm and welcoming, with all kinds of comfort activities like saunas, appealing street food, and artisan stores.

The saunas and hot baths of the town are heavily complemented by a huge crowd and are said to be a therapeutic experience that one should not miss. The Hungarian cuisine is also a very interesting one and can cater to all your cravings, be it sweet, spicy, and whatnot.

The place also comes with pretty views, sunsets, and great architecture. All of this comes with a mind-blowingly small price.

3.  Bulgaria

Bulgaria, the cheapest country in Europe, serves way more than what it’s priced at. The beautiful beaches that are not yet contaminated along the Black Sea Coast Line are one of the things that you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Europe. There are also several beachy activities along this coast that would be a fun experience for your family, all at a price several times lower than what you would normally spend.

Apart from the beaches, there are also several hiking trails and rock climbing that you can try out. This is a perfect destination to satisfy your love for nature and adventures.

4.  Montenegro

This is a very small country with a relatively small population, but with so much to offer. Being less popular can be an advantage for towns like this because it adds to its beauty. The towns are engineered in a very artistic way, and just walking through the streets can be a fun thing to do. The architectural side of this country is not disappointing either.

The crystal clear pools and springs are so welcoming and comforting and can be something you might experience once in a lifetime. The country also has several very pretty waterfalls as well.

5.  Slovakia

If you are into nature, mountains, hiking, and enjoy such outdoor activities, Slovakia is the perfect place to plan your next family vacation. Situated in Central Europe, Slovakia offers great cuisine as well, with reasonable pricing.

The mountains of Slovakia are highly recommended by professionals and travelers, as they come with additional fun activities and are relatively family-friendly. The towns of Slovakia are also fun to walk through and explore as they have a lot of mouth-watering street snacks and unique local stores.

6.  Latvia

This place is straight out of a fairytale, with forests, towers, and beautiful weather. The characteristic feature of this place is that it shows 4 perfectly contrasted seasons, so you can choose when you want to visit here accordingly.  The medieval villages and castles can be really intriguing and fun, especially if you have children that enjoy fairytales.

In conclusion, great vacations don’t always have to be expensive. One of the main things to remember is not to fall into the traps of promotions and advertisements and prefer undiscovered and small-scale destinations.

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