Best Places in Europe for Nature Lovers

6 Best Places in Europe for Nature Lovers

Museums and castles apart, Europe also has the best spots for enjoying a nice hike or a cozy camping weekend on a hilltop. It offers different experiences to meet your specific needs regarding outdoor activities, thanks to the environmental diversity of the continent.

Here are a few destinations that you should visit in Europe if you are a nature enthusiast seeking new sceneries.

The Alps, Switzerland

The Alps range is one of the well-known mountains preferred by several mountaineers. This range offers different trails at different intensities and levels with respect to the definition of tracks and availability of resources and midway camps.

The advantage this spot holds over others is that it holds a significant amount of population, making it safer. One might find planning a trip to the Alps pricey, but once you get the hang of the money-saving strategies and figure out accordingly, the end total is pretty reasonable.

There are trails that are child-friendly and offer fun activities like paragliding and skiing, while the other side holds more challenging tracks to hike upon and more complicated activities.

Warsaw, Poland

This place is known for its scenic lakes and pretty boats that take people around the place, which is pretty on itself. Though it is the economic center of the area, it is not like your usual city. It is filled with appealing natural settings like botanical gardens and beautiful parks.

These parks also house several animals and birds and provide facilities and activities like petting zoos and photobooths, and therefore satisfy the needs of all age groups.

This can be a good place to sneak out amidst a busy schedule where you can spare a couple of days to gaze at beautiful things of nature and clear out your mind for a bit.

Dingle and West Coast, Ireland

The West Coast of Ireland is particularly rugged, which adds to its natural charm. The entire coast is characterized by its beautiful deep cliffside. The place also offers fun activities like cliff-diving and paragliding along the safer stretches of the cliff rocks.

It can be a fun place to plan a solo trip as the entire coast is a visually pleasing route to travel upon, especially on a motorcycle.

Dingle is a small town located in between the cliffs. This is the best pitstop, serving fresh seafood with a taste unlike anything you have ever tried before. The town itself is very beautiful, with a well-planned town construct and colorful tiny buildings and stores, adding to its tiny charm.

Chamonix, France

This is the best option to pick out if you want a hiking and trekking experience that is unique and not filled with too many people. Though it is not as significant as The Alps, the Chamonix-MontBlanc is a close contender.

It might even trump out the Alps if you are looking for uninhabited mountain ranges for a more realistic and wholesome trek. However, this trip may not be very budget-friendly as of now, which is a price to pay for its privacy.

Munich, Germany

Superficially, the area of Munich may appear to be an urban hotspot. But once you get to know the place and explore around a bit, you will get to understand all the natural attractions it has got to offer, especially on the northern limits of the city.

Taking a stroll here can be a great experience if you are someone that enjoys the quiet serenity that the forests have to offer. The major significance is that it provides a huge area for you to enjoy, all covered in dense and soothing vegetation.

Florence, Italy

Apart from the art galleries, museums, architecture, and gelato that usually come to mind when you think of the place, Florence has also got a few of the best trails for walking and even hikes.

The major brownie point of this destination is that it has relatively better accessibility and has several trains and transit buses running to and fro almost constantly.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are several other nature spots in Europe that are severely under-rated as of now. Take your time to go out and explore, take the road not taken and steer away from the crowd if you want to truly experience nature.

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