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5 Best Places in Europe to Enjoy Drinks With a View

Holidays are times when you can just sit back, relax and drink a sip of your favorite wine. But it’s usually limited to the confines of your house, especially during this pandemic.

If you’re wondering where you can go this holiday and have a sip of your favorite wine while having a look at the most beautiful scenery you can have a look at, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you the right places to go if you want to do exactly that.

Verzy, France

France is a country which is famous for wine, in general. It’s not just the quality that’s great and to die for, but also they also invented quite a few varieties of wine. One of them, incidentally being Champagne, named after the state of — well, you might have guessed it — Champagne.

Verzy is a city in the same state, full of scenic vineyards and a treetop walk (which is most of the city). With an admission fee of 17 euros, it follows a very Scandi aesthetic and is situated 7m above ground. You can have a walk in the nature park or swing on the many swings hung in the same park.

It is a place you should definitely visit if you are a wine connoisseur, and even if you’re not, it’s a cathartic experience.

Loire Valley, Franc

Loire valley is situated in France (it’s the wine capital; obviously, there will be multiple entries from that country) but isn’t too famous for its wine. In fact, it is actually famous for its goat cheese. Then why is it on this list?

In Verzy, you had to climb 7m to enjoy the beauty; now imagine viewing the city of Loire from 70m above ground. Yes, 70m, and this is possible due to the hot air balloon service present there. You can enjoy a cold glass of a special wine called Sancerre (very classy indeed) and the goat cheese mentioned earlier in a hot air balloon ride.

Just take care while you are up there; drink in moderation. Don’t get too tipsy, as it’s quite a risky endeavor if you fall down.

Grainau, Germany

What would you want in a city situated nearly 3000m above ground, among the lofty, wintery peaks of the Alps? The answer would be a hot drink to soothe your soul while you gaze at the pure white caps of the mountain range. Even better, what if that drink was a hot glass of mulled wine?

That’s exactly the experience you’ll get in Grainau, Germany. This bar is called Panorama 2962 (The height at which the bar is located above sea level) is the place you need to go to get this view. And the view doesn’t stop there; you can also gaze into the clear blue that is Lake Eibsee and get lost in its turquoise blue depths.

This is located on the highest peak in Germany, Zugspitze, and also has a Finnish sauna to enhance the experience called the Zugspitze spa.

Poperinge, Belgium

Poperinge is a brewer’s town, which means the main occupation in the town is, well, you might have guessed it, brewing wine. Filled with vineyards and views that seem out of the world, this town isn’t to be taken lightly for someone who loves wine.

The most famous brewery here is St. Bernardus, and on its rooftop, there’s a bar called Bar Bernard (Obviously, what else would it be called), which gives an even more euphoric experience. You get a 360-degree view of the town and can gaze at the state of Calais in France.

You can also enjoy the poperingse mazarinetaart, which is a sweet, rich cake that soaks up the ale and keeps you sober (mostly).

Delft, The Netherlands

Delft is a very intriguing place, the scenery is nice, the pubs are even better, but the object of note here is the coffee, to cure your hangover. The coffee called ‘Satan’s coffee’ comes with an infusion of ginger and whipped vanilla cream to wake you up from your daze.

It is a good place to browse through pottery to increase the charm of your house, so get your shopping pants on. Enjoy your trip to the fullest!

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