Best Places to Visit in Europe in Summer

Escape The Crowds: 10 Best Places to Visit in Europe in Summer

Summer is a beautiful time to travel. But that is what everyone thinks, which is why everywhere seems to be so crowded. Especially in Europe, all the famous picturesque towns seem to be overflowing with people to an extent where it does not feel like a vacation.

The key to avoiding crowds is to steer clear of whatever pops up first in your itinerary. Here are a few alternate locations that can help you with a better summer experience in Europe where you can actually relax and let out steam unbothered.

Lumbarda, Croatia

This place is filled with lakes and water-related activities. Being less populated, there are only a few smaller restaurants and cafes that serve delicious meals rather than huge star-branded hotels and resorts.

Berchtesgaden, Germany

The sea also provides for a divine snorkeling experience because of its clear waters. Kayaking, paddling, water biking are a few fun activities that you can experience and can be a fun destination for kids too.

Stuttgart, Germany

Apart from the heavily packed cities of Germany like Munich and Frankfurt, Stuttgart provides a change from your everyday scenario and huge crowds of people, allowing you to truly relax.

Tbilisi, Georgia

The town has several interesting things to do, like automobile museums, ziplines, and a train ride that covers the entire town. Therefore, this can be a fun vacation if you are looking for a fun vacation for your children as well.


This town is by far the most picturesque yet underrated town known to humankind. Luxembourg holds such beauty and uniqueness, putting it in a different league from your regular and highly grossing tourist destinations.

The town has a significantly pretty construction, with the streets set up in an interesting pattern, with beautiful castles and architectural features left and right.

Symi, Greece

Taking a stroll along this town’s roads could be the best way to take your mind off of things in your vacation.

Apart from this, the town also has facilities for ziplining and other interesting activities like hiking, kayaking, and paddling. Hence it provides an overall wholesome experience for the entire family.

Bergen, Norway

The town of Bergen is mostly avoided by tourists because of its usually rainy weather. Overlooking the overall climate of the town, it is exceptionally scenic with mountain ranges and beautiful peaks from all directions.

The place is full of iconic museums and eateries, uncommon for what is expected out of a town constantly drenched in the rain. The seafood that they serve is highly recommended by food enthusiasts.

If you are someone that does not bother about a damp or rainy vacation, planning a vacation to Bergen could be a great choice.

Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is the first choice for any winter vacation, is often completely neglected in the summer with the exception of a few cities like Zurich. Other than the usual skiing that we expect out of Switzerland, towns like Bern have much more to offer.

Bern holds several museums that hold so many unique specimens and info like no other museum in the world. The fine art museums and the historical museums here are a must-see for anyone that loves museums. The cathedral is also noteworthy.

Stavanger, Norway

This little town in Norway comes with the whole package. It holds beautiful roads to go on long drives with the sunset, intriguing museums, and fun activities like hiking and camping. Walking through the town’s booming harbor could be a great experience for most people.

The majorly fishing town provides a walk-through with the sardine canning factories, which is bizarre yet very interesting. The historical centers and older buildings also show intricate architectural patterns as well.

Liscannor, Ireland

The grasslands you see in this town will just put all the picnics you have ever been on to shame. The scenic hilltops and rich biodiversity of this town make it the best possible picnic spot to spend quality time with your family.

Apart from this, the town also has an exquisite cuisine with fresh dairy products like nothing you’ve ever had before.

Lastly, before planning out your vacations, be sure to check out seasonal variations and transit options beforehand, as most of these towns are pretty remote.

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