Most Popular Cultured Foods From Europe

7 Most Popular Cultured Foods From Europe

Food gives rise to civilization, as we can’t survive without a steady diet.  It reflects the art and culture of a place.

If you are planning to travel to European countries and, as a foodie, want to try some delicious items, then you are in the right place. In this article, you are going to read about many mouth-watering food items from European culture.

So, let us sneak a glance at European cuisine.

Septenary appetizing meals of Europe

Crème fraîche

A popular dairy product of France is generally prepared from cream and bacterial culture. The bacterial culture derived from the natural source is added to heavy cream in order to produce Crème fraîche or fresh cream.

This cream is added to both hot and cold food items. This unique item can be consumed raw or heated, with both sweet and savory dishes.

This amazing item, when added to any food item, not only enhances its flavor but also improves the smell and texture of the food. So, you can use it as a thickener for your soups, toppings for your dishes, add it to your salad or loaves of bread, and enjoy the heavenly taste of your favorite dish.


These are the crispy little fried balls of rice usually stuffed with meat, mozzarella, or mushrooms and coated with bread crumbs.

The ooey-gooey flavor of this snack is loved by people of all ages. This item can be consumed both hot and cold. However, it tastes super delicious when freshly stocked off of the pan.

So, make sure you try them any time you visit Italy.


This eminent dish from the German streets is a must-try to you if you are a food connoisseur.

Prepared from pork sausages, curry powder, and ketchup tastes delicious with french fries and other snacks.

This food item has its history of invention — it was prepared by Herta Heuwer of Berlin during the second world war and gained a huge fan base in no time.


It is a non-alcoholic beverage prepared from fruits and vegetables like; beat, apples, peaches, etc. It was traditionally prepared by the fermentation of stale rye bread.

It not only tasted nice but also has a lot of health benefits such as:

  • Helps in fighting infections
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Enhances the ability of nutrition absorption

Kvass is a tasty and healthy drink that enhances body immunity and rejuvenates your mood.

Cheese fondue

Are you fond of cheese? Then, this dish is a must-eat to you.

Cheese fondue is a popular dish from Switzerland. It is made up of a combination of three kinds of cheese; gruyere, gouda, and fontina.

The best thing about them is, they can be stored in freezers and can be reheated when desired. They taste best with items like sandwiches, bread, and meat.


Pierogi is a kind of filled dumplings. Varieties of sweet and savory items such as; mashed potatoes, fried onions, sauerkraut, meat, mushrooms are filled in the wrapping of unleavened dough, fried well, and served hot.

Belgian Waffles

If you love to eat sweets then, this dessert will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth. Unlike other waffles varieties, Belgian waffles have lighter batter, larger squares, and deeper pockets. The most common ingredients used for preparing waffles are; flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs, milk, butter. Apart from these, other items like; strawberries, Nutella, and choco-chips can also be added according to your taste.

Waffles can be used as toppings for confectionery items, added to ice-creams to enhance the flavor, and can even be eaten as a breakfast.


There are many more scrumptious varieties of dishes that might tempt you from European cuisine. Some of those are Smetana, Rakfish, Haringkar, Goulash, and Palatschinken.

Countries in Europe such as France and Italy are eminent for their food culture. Not only dishes there is a wide range of varieties of champagnes and wines too.

The most consumed European food worldwide are; Eisbien from Germany, pasta, and pizzas from Italy, and the list is never-ending. There are a lot of varieties that are not going to disappoint your taste buds. So, if you are going for a trip to Europe, these dishes are worth trying.

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