Planning A Honeymoon

Planning a Honeymoon? Must Check Out These 8 Places

Marriage is one of the holiest rituals in our lives. Spending time with the person you love and adore, doesn’t that just sound blessed? Honeymoons are a sign of this unending love, where you take time off with your significant other and act as if you two are the only ones in this world.

If you’re confused as to selecting a place to go for your honeymoon, look no further; here are the 6 best places for a honeymoon with an added bonus of two.

6 Best Places For a Honeymoon



Nothing much needs to be said here; Paris is very famously known as the city of love. And rightfully so, the vibe there is just so invigorating, the couples roaming around the streets and the sights to behold. This city, built along the river Seine, is a place with old-fashioned churches, museums and neo-classical architecture.

Paris is not just a city of love; it’s also very graceful and chic. The bridges in the morning, the Eiffel tower in the noon and the lights in the night, a wonderful vacation awaits you.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia

If you’re having trouble and need some honeymoon planning tips, any planner would suggest you go to St. Lucia. There’s barely anything that won’t sell you to this place. You name the amenities you need, and you’ll have it. It has mind-blowingly beautiful scenery, breathtaking adventure sports and a plethora of romantic places to enjoy with your partner.

It’s an island situated in the Caribbean, and for such a classy place, tickets to this place are relatively cheap. It’s definitely one of the best honeymoon spots anyone could ask for.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora

This small island situated in French Polynesia is just 6 miles long and barely 2 miles wide. Why would you go to such a cramped place? Well, it’s home to a dormant volcano (it’s safe, rest assured) nested by a lush jungle. It then spills out to an aquamarine lagoon. Just thinking about it puts you in a better place, doesn’t it?

You can go snorkeling, visit the port and watch the volcano from afar. However, tickets to Bora Bora are really expensive. But if you have the money to spare, it’s an experience you should not miss out on.



Italy is a place with a lot of tourist spots like Rome and Naples. However, they are cities full of the hustle and bustle and barely any time to spare for newlyweds. That’s when Tuscany comes to save the honeymoon; it’s an idyllic place blessed with the gentle touch of nature. The vast, lush groves of cypress trees, the meadow plains of grass to lay gazing unto the sky. The cherry on top is that the place has the most amazing chianti wine, olives and aromatic cooking.

Tuscany is an amazing and affordable honeymoon spot, blessed by sunshine. After all, starting a new life under the eyes of the sun that shines bright upon the new couple is a blessed image. If you are planning a honeymoon, definitely keep Tuscany in mind.



The Maldives has become really famous lately. With many tourists going there, it’s become a hub of adventure lately. Even famous movie stars have been to the Maldives for their honeymoons, so that’s something even more to be proud about. There’s a lot to say about the Maldives — for reference, open your Instagram.

Blue waters, white, sandy beaches and a pure beauty that words alone cannot describe. You can go swimming in those cool waters, go snorkeling underwater or just relax and get a tan.

There are various hotels on this island too, ranging from underwater hotels to luxurious bungalows. Although it might be a bit expensive, it’s definitely worth going to; you won’t go on your honeymoon more than once. It’s a top spot according to various tips for honeymoon planning.


bali place

Bali is an island situated in Indonesia, and it’s the ideal island that comes to mind when you think of a scenic spot. On the contrary to Bora-Bora, it’s much cheaper, but there are a lot of dormant volcanoes lined up for you to explore. However, the scenery doesn’t stop there, the natural beauty is definitely a sight to behold, but the man-made structures aren’t far behind.

There are various temples built in ancient times, where you can leisurely stroll with your significant other. The beaches are amazing, the coffee is to die for (If you stay up all night, then coffee is a must). In short, it’s not much of an exaggeration to call it paradise.

If you are planning a honeymoon with a nominal budget, the hotels in Bali are definitely cheaper than most of the places on this list. It’s the best place you can go to, it’s not even an argument.


Tahiti place

It is the largest island in French Polynesia and another amazing honeymoon spot. Although overshadowed by Bora-Bora in the beach department, this island is much bigger and has a lot more to offer. It’s still quite expensive, so it needs to be kept in mind if you’re planning a honeymoon to Tahiti.

The waters are warm and the jungles are lush and the whole vibe is very idyllic (just like Tuscany). Although unlike Tuscany, it’s much more secluded and it’s more famous for the French cuisine served here. The island is divided into two halves, Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti, the latter half being more secluded.



If you’re planning a honeymoon to Hawaii, there are many things to keep in mind. Hawaii is made up of various islands and an active volcanic chain, and has an ever-growing landmass. The jungles are lush, and the beach is picture perfect. The traditions there are impeccably festive, so if you go there, be sure to get the full Hawaiian experience.

Going with your spouse means enjoying your honeymoon to the fullest. You can go there for your honeymoon or to spark back the embers of your marriage. It is an amazing place, a bit expensive, but definitely worth the trip.

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