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Safest Places to Visit in Europe During Covid-19 this New Year

Despite Corona, many people are considering winter vacations. What to keep in mind when vacationing in Germany, and whether other destinations offer vacations with fewer limitations.

Germany in winters

​​In the winter, Germany provides a variety of appealing destinations and recreational opportunities: Holidays in one’s own country, whether for winter sports, snowshoe hikes, or simply enjoying the countryside in peace and quiet, are a welcome change for many people, even in the winter.

However, due to the present pandemic crisis, Germany’s Corona laws have been significantly tightened. This has an effect on vacationers as well: 2G standards apply to lodging, cuisine, as well as leisure and cultural institutions in all federal states.


Portugal was one of the first countries to develop Covid-19-specific insurance.

Consult our Madeira travel guide to learn about the greatest Instagrammable sites, the most gorgeous beaches, the best activities for kids, and the natural beauties of this paradise island.


Malta is a safe place to visit in Europe, with one of the lowest rates of serious Covid-19 cases (less than the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.).

Bars and restaurants will stay open until midnight, and no masks will be required on the beach (recommended but not compulsory). Trekking, diving, paddleboarding, and kayaking are just a few of the water and outdoor sports available.

Malta is the place to be this summer for a fantastic vacation. It is a pioneer in the recognition of the vaccine passport, and it welcomes both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers with a negative covid test conducted 72 hours prior to their arrival.

The Maltese government has put in place an incentive scheme to encourage people to visit Malta this summer.

The Azores

The Azores have stayed in the safest locations’ green zone, therefore this is a safe place for your vacation in 2021.

The Azores will be one of the safest, most surprising, and comfortable destinations in 2021. Because of the safety they provide, these 9 islands stand out in this new reality: all tourists are examined before arriving (tests can be done in their own country/region), preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

Are you looking for a method to get away from the crowds? Flores is a place worth visiting. Fewer than 4,000 people live on an island of amazing beauty, making it ideal for nature lovers, walks, food, and authenticity.


Lagoa is a safe place to visit in Europe, with 8 times less serious cases per million residents than other hard-hit destinations.

If we look at the population of the Algarve and the number of major cases (deaths), we may discover that the region is only half as afflicted by Covid-19 as certain parts of Greece, which are already considered a safe place.

Great Britain – Scotland

Scenic areas can be found all around the United Kingdom, but nowhere is the scenery more spectacular and wild than in Scotland’s rugged Highlands. Even if you don’t see the famed monster, a trip to Loch Ness will leave an impression.

The Gothic cityscape of Edinburgh’s capital, where the majestic castle rises over the Victorian buildings of the Old Town, with the stunning Cairngorm mountains stretching out in the distance, is another Scottish destination.

There are 790 islands in Scotland, many of which have spectacular views and beautiful beaches. Those who adore sports and golf will undoubtedly enjoy one of the world’s most famous links golf courses. They allow you to hone your handicap in front of a picture-book backdrop.


France has something for everyone and is a safe place to visit keeping in mind the current situation: history and romance in Paris, heat and glitz on the Côte d’Azur, charming villages in Provence, and the peaks of the French Alps with their world-class ski resorts.

France is known not only for its gastronomy but also for its stunning architecture and natural beauty. There are Gothic cathedrals, Romanesque churches, Renaissance châteaux, and 19th-century neoclassical structures to be discovered. Away from the cities, the landscapes are varied and beautiful: along the Rhone, Loire, and Dordogne rivers, you can encounter sometimes charming, sometimes imposing nature and dreamy villages.


Another safe place: Hikers and mountaineers like Austria, which is one of the numerous countries through which the Alps pass, as well as winter sports enthusiasts who go to Wengen, for example, one of the most traditional ski destinations.

Vienna, the capital, oozes the allure of bygone eras, with Romanesque, Baroque, and neoclassical buildings harkening back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s glory days. Strolling around Vienna’s old town feels like stepping back in time to Central Europe’s great past, and the variety of concerts, exhibitions, and balls is alluring to cultural enthusiasts.


On the other hand, Italy comes under a safe place as well: Some people adore Italy’s dreamy cities, such as Venice, Rome, and Florence, to mention a few.

Others are enticed by Tuscany’s lovely landscapes or the renowned Amalfi Coast. There are always peaks to climb and great panoramic views to appreciate, from the Dolomites to Sicily’s volcanic landscapes.

The well-known tourist monuments, including the Roman Colosseum and Florence’s Renaissance masterpieces, are always worth a visit, and you should have spent an evening on Venice’s lovely canals at least once in your life. Away from the tourist crowds, though, there is much to discover.

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