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Top 10 European Food Tech Startups That Will Fill Your Tummy

With the current increase in the number of people interested in trying out new food and cuisines, the need for new innovations has increased rapidly. There is also a huge demand for services that offer delivery and catering services, and there never seems to be enough service force in the food industry.

Recent advances in software and technical aspects have allowed the food market to expand more virtually, making their services easily available to the public while increasing their profits along the way.

Here are a few European food tech startups that have shown promising improvement and popularity over the recent days that you should keep an eye out for.


This is an interesting start-up based in France that uses the help of artificial intelligence in the form of a robot called Pazzi.

Apart from the ease of management, seeing a robot do all the work seems to be attracting a lot of curious customers that enjoy watching their pizzas being constructed meticulously by a robot.


With the recent boom in industrialization and increased number of MNC owned chains of restaurants, local businesses have been taking a hard hit. Feedr is a specifically wholesome service that offers help to small-scale set-ups and industries to bring out their work and food to a bigger customer pool.

The recent increase in the number of commercialized restaurants and fast food has been especially tough on indigenous restaurants and small-scale set-ups that have been serving customers for a long time.

Agriconomie is a website that has been helping out such settings get more attention from the residents and offering delivery and other services concerned with local products and small-scale vendors.

Apart from just focusing on food and delivery, this start-up is concerned with the delivery and promotion of local produce and vendors, providing its customers with the best available ingredients and raw materials, while supporting the local markets and small-scale agricultural settings.


They offer pizza orders that are executed perfectly with a record-breaking time of thirty seconds which is unlike something that you might have ever seen. This makes the process of ordering and passing on orders exceptionally easy, increasing the quality and efficiency of service provided by the set-up.


This is a nutritionally concerned setting that offers drinks and food products of high nutritional value, providing you with a complete and healthy meal experience. This acts as a change in the currently common scenario where most food is high in unfavorable ingredients.


This is yet another healthy food start-up, providing curated drinks and mixes that are especially vegan and free of gluten and anything that can be removed off of food to improve its nutritional goodness. Feed is mainly based in Paris, providing a change in the usual setting known for the rich cuisine.


Loud kitchen trends have been going on for a while now. Keatz is a Berlin-based food start-up that allows people to understand more about this by making the process of ordering food easier for the common population.

This has been currently trumping the usual food delivery apps that are used over the world because of its especially customer-friendly service and easy-to-use interface.


Vegan options have been something that has never been adequate. With Allplants, this has been changed, and the vegans are all here for it. This London-based firm offers vegans interesting options and delicacies, which are surprisingly great and has been highly welcomed by the residents.

Too good to go

This is one of the recently started charity-related software that has been developed. This Copenhagen-based food start-up is concerned about the surplus food and products that are being wasted every day and makes sure it gets used up efficiently or reaches a place where it is appreciated.


This is a recent creation that is concerned only with curated food that is prepared only for specific delivery and take-outs for select customers, providing a rich and customized food experience. This firm has been steadily growing over recent times, slowly increasing the number of chain restaurants.

In conclusion, the current development with the food industry has been positively impacting various levels of the economy, while providing an improved service and dining experience to the customers as well.

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